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High Yield Medical, Surgical and Specialty Videos and Questions for £10

Watch 100s of beautifully made medical videos and answer 1000s of questions to test your understanding.

We are NOT a revision site. We want to give you the foundations to better learn and understand the medicine that you see during hospital placements.

Concise Video Tutorials

Podmedics has over 200 medical videos that help you approach learning medicine in a concise and consistant way.

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High-yield Questions

Our videos are matched by great questions and explanations that let you test yourself on individual videos/topics or by the specialty you are revising.

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What is Podmedics

Who we are & what we do

About Podmedics

Podmedics has over 200 videos that condense key facts and practical techniques into succinct tutorials, making it easier to absorb and retain essential material.

Medical Video Tutorials

Over 200 concise medical tutorials covering all specialist areas. Available via download or streaming.

Performance Monitoring and Suggestions

Your personal dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of your progress… videos watched, online exams passed, questions successfully answered.

Earn badges and show off your skills

Win recognition and earn a Podmedics promotion by watching videos, answering questions and contributing to the community.

Personalised prompts

By analysing which tutorials you watch and how you perform in the post-video questions, your personal dashboard will suggest related videos to accelerate your progress.

Works great on any mobile device

Podmedics is configured to work perfectly on any mobile device. We even adjust the size of video files to minimise your data usage.

Easy-to-access revision notes

Make revision notes on-screen and recall them in an instant.