Frequently Asked Questions

Can I produce a video?

Yes, absolutely. We welcome video submissions from anyone within the medical community, from students through to registrars, consultants and professors. Productions must comply with some rather strict quality standards, so if you’d like to contribute, please email us at to request further details.

How many video tutorials are available on Podmedics?

We currently offer over 200 video tutorials covering all Medicine, Surgery and the Clinical specialties (e.g. psychiatry, paediatrics, obs & gynae).

How frequently do you release new tutorials?

We aim to release a new tutorial every week, and we’ll notify you by email every time a new video becomes available. Don’t want to receive notifications? No problem - just go to “my profile” and switch them off.

Can I download the videos?

Currently video downloads are only available to our previous members. We are working to find a cost-effective solution to provide downloads to our free members.

What are flashcards?

Flashcards are concise summaries of medical conditions, written in the Podmedics style, and presented next to relevant videos and questions.

They can be submitted either by any of our users.

How do I submit a flashcard?

Simply login, navigate to the video of your choice. If there is a flashcard slot available for the video you will see a 'Create a flashcard' link above the video. Click this and get writing (it takes about 10-15 minutes).

Once you are done simply submit your flashcard and we shall do the rest.

What does it cost?

Podmedics costs what we think is a very reasonable £35 per year, or £20 for 6 months. All funds collected are used to improve the website content, including new video and question production. Please note that, because we permit downloads of our content, all purchases are final, and we unable to offer refunds.