Flashcards and Free Memberships

Posted 03 Mar 17:56

Flashcards blog image

We are now delighted to be officially launching Podmedics Flashcards. Flashcards represent yet another way of supplementing the knowledge you get by completing videos and questions within each of our specialty areas.

They are visible from both videos and relevant questions. Very useful as a quick reminder if you need it.

We think the really cool thing though is that our users can now create their own flashcards and share them with others. We have created a 'super-clever editor' (technical term) so you can put them together really quickly and easily. However, the best bit is that for each flashcard you submit (and we accept!) you get 2 months free membership.

In our next major feature we shall be adding the ability for you add these flashcards to your own notes! They may even be appearing in our app...possibly.

So, either get writing, or just enjoy the new flashcards!

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