Personal Textbooks

Posted 28 May 15:34

Personal textbooks blog post

At Podmedics we fundamentally believe in constantly striving to improve what we do, and make your learning experience better.

Many of you I am sure have noticed that you have the ability to write personal notes in various places on Podmedics. These are either associated with particular videos or a specialty e.g. Cardiology/Surgery. Hundreds of you make notes everyday, but how do you get them out?

We are excited to announce that in the next few days we shall be launching Personal Textbooks.

Personal Textbooks allow you to view, organise and export all of the notes that you make into a single, beautifully formatted downloadable PDF. Perfect for printing, or popping on your tablet for revision.

We are really excited about this. It means that you could write all your medicine notes in a single, secure place. Perfectly organised by specialty and ready to print out as your personal textbook at any time.

We would love to hear your thoughts, so just drop us a line in the comments and let's talk about it.

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