Posted 20 Aug 09:15

Web speed blog post

It's been a great time since the launch of the new site back in May. We have seen 1000s of new students join the Podmedics family, answer over 100,000 questions and write a ton of notes.

Past users of Podmedics will notice that one of our biggest new features is the points system. This is a truly dynamic way of tracking your progress as you learn and provide you with cues about what to learn next as well as award you badges. It feels so good to get that consultant badge!!

However with all of this extra functionality comes a lot of 'data crunching'. We have to make sure that you see your progress at all times so that you feel motivated to continue. As the numbers of users has increased this 'data crunching' has increased exponentially. This has unfortunately resulted in a few pages loading a little slower than we would wish.

Over the past month we have added many code-level optimisations to try and improve things. Although we have gained around a 50% increase in speed we are still not happy. Our goal is that every page you visit on Podmedics loads in less than 400ms! So over the next couple of weeks we shall be dramatically rethinking our stats engine, optimising the hell out of it, and hopefully not only increasing our speed, but also providing you with even more valuable stats to help direct your learning.

Bear with us, we're on it!


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