Upgrades and Flashcards

Posted 24 Feb 15:48

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Hello again. Just a quick post to let everyone know about some of the cool upgrades that we are doing to the site this month. At Podmedics we are always striving to improve not only our core content (videos) but also the quality of additional content like questions.

To this end at the moment we are working on a number of small things, and one big thing. First the small things.

  1. Video upgrades - all 200 of our videos are getting a makeover. We are re-mastering the audio, removing jingles and old advertising (!) and improving the video quality.
  2. Quick access to questions - lots of you have been asked for quick links to questions. So we now have links direct to video questions right in the video lists.
  3. A better notes editor - 100s of you are writing notes. We have improved the editor to make it seamless.

Now the big thing...Flashcards


Flashcards are a brand new feature for Podmedics. They are designed as a quick reference for a specific disease that follows our standard way of breaking things down.

They can be accessed either from a video itself or while you are answering questions as a quick slide out. We don't have many at the moment but they shall be slowly tricking onto the site over the next month.

In the future we shall be allowing users to submit their own flashcards for videos with the cool incentive of two months membership for each flashcard that is accepted and published.

So that's it from me at the moment. Thank you for continuing to support Podmedics, and do let me know in the comments below if there are any features that you crave.


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